Cliff is an American citizen and is the Director of International Relations for  Skymasters Achievers International Services Limited.


He has a very broad work experience base of almost 50years spanniong various sectors of the economy in various countries of the world as shown below;

  • Assisted the General Manager of a major project at Lubbock International Airport, Lubbock, Tx
  • Construction, including being deputy suprintendent at an international airport, worked on two locks and dams as well as residential construction.
  • Has managed several different agricutural projects, including being the agricultural coordinator for a major food bank. This project provided fresh vegetables for clients, in a community supported farm using a voluteer work force that was effectively supervised with tremedous scuccess. Animal husbandry, crop production and horticulture as well as marketing of produced goods have all been expertly carried out by Cliff.

He has a pasion for humanitarian works and this has led him to oversee various aid programmes and activities. Here are some of his activities; he has worked with Children in Group home care for almost 32years, including 5 years full and part time with Childen and adults in a psychiatric hospital; 10 years in hospital including 5 years as a senior manager in a rural mission med-surg hospital. He is responsible for the business administration of a 100 + bed, rural mission hospital in Nigeria and a Member of the Executive Board of the Hospital. He is the Chairman of a foundation to help Orphans as well as a founding member of an internationally recognised humanitarian NGO.

He has worked with Church sponsored missions for many years in West Africa and Europe.